Stay in character; this includes in the IC chats. No Mary-Sues.

No god-moding.

Stay active (one non-image post per five days). A week of inactivity without prior notice will result in a warning. If there is no response in three days, your character will be reopened.
If your character is important and involved in plots, please post once every two days. The secret

Follow both this blog and the blogs of all other characters. The follow list is here.
There will be no out of character drama. If you make others feel uncomfortable, your spot will be taken from you. word

Smut is allowed, but should be hidden under “read more.”

The point system will be used in order to keep this rp active and fun. The keyword is fun, so do not start drama over it. is alfalfa.

Paras should be at least two paragraphs long unless there is really truly nothing else for you to write about. 

Only one canon character per person unless you put in a request and are approved by the mods.